Last updated on 12 April 2005

Welcome to Earthslings!

Young babies have a deep need for the warmth and touch that comes with close body contact. Wearing your baby in a sling means both hands are free so that you can get things done while your baby stays cosy, safe and "in touch".

Earthslings distribute the weight of your baby across your torso making them very comfortable to wear. Because of their design young babies have complete head, neck and back support and access to the breast.

Whether out and about or at home toddlers love to be worn on your hip where they have a great view of the world and feel included in your activities.
Earthslings are great for soothing a fussing baby, using public transport, breastfeeding, bush walks, housework, gardening, shopping or when travelling. (
more on babywearing)

CURRENT Specials Discounts:
- Buy one Earthsling and receive $10.00 off the price of a second sling in the same order (great for couples or gifts!)
- Buy a gift set of 1 sling and 2 wraps and save $10 (the price of a gift set is $70)
- With any Earthsling purchase, you receive a Customer Loyalty Voucher that can be used on any future Earthsling Product order!

Customer Loyalty Vouchers - Because we value our customers, with each Earthsling order you will receive a Customer Loyalty Voucher worth $5.00 which can be used to receive a discount on any future purchase or passed on to a friend!

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- Putting it on and your baby in takes seconds.
- Changing positions takes seconds.
- No need to remove baby to change from one position to another.
- No rings or buckles to adjust.


- The one sling fits newborns to toddlers.
- Can be worn on the front, side or back.
- Can be worn with baby in various positions..


- Reversible in case of spills.
- Machine washable, dries quickly.
- Allows discreet, hands free nursing.
- Compact and handy to carry with you or keep in the glove box.


- Baby's head, neck and back are fully supported.
- Fabric spreads out wide across the shoulders - no straps to dig in.
- No rigid frame or leg openings.

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